The Good Doctor

When I tell people I go to Rutgers University, the first thing they say back to me is “I heard it is a big party school”. While that statement has a lot of merit, Rutgers is not your prototypical party school. Rutgers is constantly rated as a top 100 University in the world(WORLD!). Rutgers would not get that distinction if it weren’t for the top notch professors and researchers that are employed here. One example, is Dr. Brandon Alderman.

Dr. Alderman is an Associate Professor in the Exercise Science department, teaching Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Exercise Psychology, and Research Methods in Exercise Science. and he also is the Director of the Exercise Psychophysiology Laboratory.

Dr. Alderman got his Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1997 from the University of Wyoming. From there, he got his Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Sport Studies also from the University of Wyoming. He then finished his academics with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Exercise Science from Arizona State University.

From 2004-2005, Dr.Alderman taught Psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth. From 2005-2009, he taught in the Kinesiology and Health department at the University of Wyoming. He has since been at Rutgers University since 2009.

Since coming to Rutgers, Dr.Alderman has been a part of numerous different studies. Most recently, he was a Co-Investigator in an Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse study titled The Baroreflex mechanism: Translation to alcohol use disorder treatment and prognostic models. Dr.Alderman also did multiple studies on the relationship between stress and physical activity. Because of his studies, Dr.Alderman has won multiple awards from the Human Movement Spring Institute.

Scholars like Dr.Alderman is what make Rutgers University the University that it is today. Even more impressive is his 3.9 rating on Rate my Professor, making him a must take for any Kinesiology student. I am looking forward to taking one of his classes in the future.


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  1. Rutgers is highly underrated, especially within the state of New Jersey. People overlook it because it’s always here and, since it has such a large student population, judge it’s quality based on the actions of a small representation of the student body. It’s amazing you’re highlighting one of the people that help to make this institution great.


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